What’s your top new years resolution?

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Happy New Year from Creative Exchange!

With decorations slowly stashed away for the next 12 months and the chocolate stash gradually dissipating, New Year is often regarded as a time to create goals and reach for our hopes and desires.

When life gets in the way, focusing on our aspirations can be a difficult task.

Making stress work for us, perseverance and stamina when pursuing our goals, and a sense of gratitude along the way are all included in TED talk’s list of 10 TED-inspired resolutions.  Sounds tricky doesn’t it?

At Creative Exchange, we’re great fans of TED talks, though perhaps what we found most interesting, and apt, was number 1 on their list; ‘Be an artist, right now!’

Young-ha Kim highlights the fact it is so easy to place obstacles in the way of creating art, no matter what form. Art and creativity can be suppressed over the years and manifest in other, possibly more negative, ways - ignoring how good it makes us feel.

Creative Exchange would like to echo Young-ha Kim’s statement and encourage our members and visitors to build on their creativity through their work and hobbies. Writing, designing, crafting or illustrating. You name it, there’s a creative interest out there waiting to be welcomed through our doors. Making a career out of your art is also greatly encouraged with our on-site business support teams from Business Gateway and Cultural Enterprise Office.

At the same time, we certainly don’t want to forget the reason for pursuing our creative passions. Our resident charity, Voluntary Arts Scotland, honours this philosophy in their #fortheloveofit campaign, urging individuals to acknowledge the positive effects of participation in arts and crafts. Their gallery is ever-growing and it would be wonderful for our readers to contribute, even add it to their list of resolutions? Find out how here

Perhaps this is the fun and achievable goal we’ve been searching for? In fact, as Young-ha Kim believes, be an artist, right now!


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