What makes our social lunches special?

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Last Friday 14th of February generally represented the world’s commercial excuse to go mushy, and spend unusually large amounts on heart-shaped chocolates and flowers, all in the name of love…

Approaching the day from a different angle, we at Creative Exchange instead chose to embrace our sentimental side with a delicious lunch time soiree consisting of pulled pork wraps and tray bakes…how romantic!

Supporting local businesses in and around the Leith area is important to us and since we’re based just around the corner from the Shore Deli Co, we couldn’t resist making an order and chowing down on their famous delicacies.  Based on 52 Shore, Edinburgh, The Shore Deli Co. opened its doors around the same time as Creative Exchange, in Summer 2013, and we thought a blog post dedicated to our new favourite caterers was in order.

We couldn’t fault the Shore Deli Co. on service and flexibility. Quick to respond, staff were pleasant and approachable when we needed to change our orders at the last minute. This positive customer experience allowed us to enjoy our lunch, and eat in style!

CEXY social

Now dubbed ‘CEXY Social’, we plan to make our social lunches a regular event for Creative Exchange members.  Topped off with delicious food and music, let’s hope our next CEXY Social will be an equally enjoyable experience.  Why wouldn’t it? Our venue and caterers have our seal of approval…and you can’t blame us for being a little biased…

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